Mouse Guard: Spring 1153

Spring 1153 - Session 1

Dancing with the Turtle

As the patrol left Lockhaven on their mission to set up a permanent hub for the Mouse Guard in the far eastern territories, Grahame decided to rush ahead to scout.  In his haste he ran across a small snapping turtle in the road.  Grahame, knowing that the lizards pulling the patrol's cart would be spooked by the turtle, warned the other mice to stop the cart and proceeded to try and lead the turtle off the path.  Angus and Gale Brightleaf went to see what was the matter and saw Grahame dancing through the woods just out of range of the turtle.  Angus decided to lend his fellow guard mouse a hand and joined him in his dance with the turtle.  Together the two guard mice confused the turtle into believing that a stone was a berry and threw the stone deep into the woods and managed to escape. 

Grahame learned his lesson and was much more cautious as he contenued to scout ahead but still ended up wearing himself out.  Angus decided to spend the rest of the journey to Wildseed in the back of the cart with the Lockhaven alchamist Barrin Stremis while Gale spent the time getting better aquainted with Gerreld Conland.

Once they reached wildseed Angus decided to further show his worthyness by delivering all the mail to the people of Wildseed.  Grahame went looking for news of his enemy and found it.  A former guardmouse by the name of William had also been hurt by Walmond.  Gale decided to try and seduce Gerreld not knowing that Gerreld had lost the ability to make love in a fight years before.  Gerreld left in a huff and Gale went to bed alone.

 Angus: 1 Fate, 1 Persona

Grahame: Tired, 1 Fate

Gale: nothing



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